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July 14, 2014 Council Meeting Highlights

Jul 15, 2014


Recognition of MLA Scott Hamilton
Mayor Lois E. Jackson recognized Delta North MLA Scott Hamilton for his dedication and service on Delta Council, and thanked his wife, Kristen Hamilton, for her many years of support. MLA Hamilton was first elected to Delta Council in 2002, and stepped down from his long-time role in June 2014. Scott Hamilton continues to work for the community in his role as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of B.C., which he was elected to in May of last year. 

Ladner United Church – Plaque Presentation
Mayor Lois E. Jackson presented a plaque to members of the Congregation of Ladner United Church to recognize the restoration of Ladner United Church. 


Boundary Bay Airshow
Council received a delegation of Honorary Colonel Stephen Millen, Chair, Boundary Bay Airshow Advisory Board, who provided an update on the upcoming Boundary Bay Airshow event on Saturday, July 19


Cogeneration Facilities at Greenhouses – Third Reading of Bylaw No. 7286
Council gave third reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 7286 and approved a recommendation to forward the bylaw to the Minister of Agriculture for approval. Bylaw No. 7286 would allow for the establishment of combined heat and power generation (cogeneration) facilities in association with greenhouse operations in the A1 Agriculture Zone. View the staff report.


Point Roberts Radio Tower Proposal
Council approved the staff recommendation to send a letter to Whatcom County reiterating the concerns of Delta residents, and stating that if the proposal has the potential to cause any adverse effects to the citizens of Tsawwassen, it must be denied consistent with Whatcom County's own regulations. Council also approved recommendations to send a letter to the US Federal Communications Commission requesting clarification on blanketing interference, and a letter to Industry Canada requesting that they intervene on behalf of Delta residents. View the staff report.

Burns Bog Conservation Society Appeal
Council received information on the outcome of a recent decision from the Federal Court of Appeal relating to a claim filed by the Burns Bog Conservation Society. The Burns Bog Conservation Society filed a Statement of Claim on November 24, 2010, by which it sought to compel the Federal Government to protect Burns Bog, claiming the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road would negatively impact the bog. The Federal Government filed a motion for summary judgment, which was heard on July 12, 2012, and a decision was rendered on August 29, 2012, that dismissed the Society's claim. The Society filed an appeal, which was heard on May 5, 2014, in Federal Court, and a decision was rendered on June 27, 2014, dismissing the appeal with costs awarded to the Federal Government. View the staff report.

Third Reading Extension for Southlands Properties (Century Industries Ltd.)
Council approved staff recommendations to not refer Bylaw No. 7167, 7168, 7169, 7170 and 7271 to a new Public Hearing, and to extend third reading of the bylaws to December 31, 2015. Council also approved a recommendation that staff report back with Terms of Reference for a new Committee to provide advice and guidance relating to use of portions of the agricultural lands that are proposed to be transferred to Delta by Century Industries Ltd. View the staff report.

Extended Length Super B-Trains in Delta
Council approved staff recommendations to permit Damco, a freight forwarding and supply chain management company in Delta, to operate up to eight Extended Length Super (ELS) B-Trains from their yards on River Way and Aldridge Way, along River Way and 80 Street, to Highway 17 for a trial period of six months. Council authorized the Engineering Department to issue Highway Use Permits to Damco for a trial period of six months in conjunction with Provincial Permits to be issued by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation. Damco's ELS B-Trains are combination vehicles consisting of a tractor and two trailers, a total length of up to 31 metres. View the staff report.


Issued by the Office of the Mayor  – July 15, 2014

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