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May 26, 2014 Council Meeting Highlights

May 27, 2014


YVR Airport Annual Update
Council received a delegation of Craig Richmond, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vancouver Airport Authority, and Anne Murray, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Vancouver Airport Authority, who provided the Vancouver Airport Authority Annual Update.

Tourism Fee for Service Agreement Amendments
Council viewed a presentation by Delta Chamber of Commerce representatives, Ian Tait, Executive Director, and Louise Wechselberger, Member Relations Manager, regarding amendments to the Tourism Fee for Service Agreement. View the presentation.

Spring Freshet Update
Council received a report and viewed a presentation by Hugh Fraser, Deputy Director of Engineering, providing a spring freshet update. The report notes that this year’s freshet will likely see regular seasonal runoff due to snow packs in the Fraser Basin being at normal levels, and a normal flood risk is expected for the snow melt season. View the staff report.


North Delta Area Plan Bylaws
Council gave third reading and final adoption to Bylaws No. 7326 and 7327, which add a new North Delta Area Plan and Development Permit Area Guidelines to the Official Community Plan. The new plan aims to manage growth, mitigate transportation challenges, retain and enhance community character, support housing choices for all residents, and provide a policy framework that will guide the future of North Delta. View the staff report.


2013 Carbon Neutral Reports
Council endorsed the 2013 final Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program report, and approved recommendations that the report be submitted to the Province and shared with the public on Delta’s website. As a result of carried over unused 2012 landfill project carbon credit offsets and 2013 landfill project and green waste carbon credit offsets, Delta can be declared “carbon neutral” for 2013. View the staff report.


Issued by the Office of the Mayor  – May 27, 2014

View the Council reports and complete agenda from the May 26, 2014 Regular Meeting of Council

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