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April 7, 2014 Council Meeting Highlights

Apr 09, 2014


City of New Westminster's Position on the Pattullo Bridge Replacement
Council received a delegation from City of New Westminster's Councillor Lorrie Williams, and Director of Engineering Services Jim Lowrie, to present New Westminster's position on the Pattullo Bridge Replacement. View the presentation.

The Corporation of Delta's New Website
Council received a presentation by the Corporation of Delta Communications Manager Lauren Munden, and Communications and Engagement Specialist Vedran Djordjevic, on the new website. The new website is a virtual facility that offers new convenient search tools and an updated layout based on a user-friendly experience. The final cost for the new website is $161,474, which is roughly $48,000 under budget, making it one of the lowest project costs for a municipal website in the Lower Mainland.


Final adoption: Delta Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 7319 and Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw No. 7320, 2014
Council gave final consideration and adoption to amended Bylaws No. 7319 and 7320. The amendments provide Inspectors and Delta Police Officers with the ability to enforce the prohibition of non-commercial medical marihuana operations in Delta. View the staff report. 

Rezoning and Development Variance Permit for 4845, 4849, 4857 and 4865 Chisholm Street (The Corporation of Delta)

Council gave third reading to proposed Bylaw No. 7270, which would rezone properties 4845, 4849, 4857 and 4865 Chisholm Street, to be consistent with the Ladner Waterfront Vision laid out in the Official Community Plan. View the staff report.

Noise Control Bylaw Amendments – Propane Cannons
Council endorsed amendments to Delta Noise Control Bylaw No. 1906, 1972, Delta Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 7009, 2011, and Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw No. 6639, to further regulate the use of propane cannons and audible bird scare devices in Delta. As the amendments relate to farm land, they require approval from the Minister of Agriculture prior to being enforceable. View the staff report. 


Ladner Leisure Centre Façade 

Council received a progress update on the Ladner Leisure Centre façade work, and approved the staff recommendation to award the architectural contract to Elemental Architecture and Interiors Inc. for the amount of $189,603. The 2014 Financial Plan contains an insurance reserve intended to cover costs of emergency repairs and infrastructure failure, such as the repairs at Ladner Leisure Centre. Staff is exploring Delta’s ability to make an insurance claim for the façade failure. View the staff report.

Devon Gardens Elementary School Community Initiated Cost Sharing Projects
Council approved a Community Initiated Cost Sharing Project funding request of $33,346.36 to replace playground equipment at Devon Gardens Elementary School. View the staff report.  

Devon Gardens Park Off-Leash Designation
Council approved the staff recommendation to designate Devon Gardens Park as a dog off-leash area. The approval follows a survey mailed to residents in January 2014, of which 100 completed surveys were received showing 79% of residents in favour. View the staff report.

South Fraser Perimeter Road Update
Council received an update on the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR), which was officially opened on December 21, 2013. Delta staff have been monitoring traffic along River Road before, during and after construction of the SFPR. The traffic monitoring results show that traffic volumes, truck traffic, and speed has decreased along River Road as a result of the opening of the SFPR. Finishing construction works are still being done in order to achieve final completion. View the staff report.


Issued by the Office of the Mayor  April 8, 2014

View the Council reports and complete agenda from the April 7, 2014 Regular Meeting of Council

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