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Sungod Recreation Centre Air Quality Testing Results

Mar 20, 2014

In response to a recent media report and concerns regarding air quality at Sungod Recreation Centre, the Corporation of Delta retained an independent contractor to perform air quality testing. 

The consultant's report revealed the following conclusions (refer to page 8):

  • A tape life sample collected from the most heavily damaged area of this exterior parapet wall showed the results which demonstrated that very little mould was actually present.
  • On the actual wall section that directly adjoined the pool area, no mould or rot was observed.
  • Indoor airborne mould spores results demonstrated that concentrations were within industry standard guidelines and that the indoor air quality was not adversely affected by the rot/mould observed on the exterior parapet wall. 

View the full consultant's report

For more background information, view the news release issued March 13, 2014