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News Release: Sungod Recreation Centre

Mar 14, 2014
Last September, while conducting routine preventative building maintenance at 
Sungod Recreation Centre, decaying wood was found on an exterior wall located on the roof. Upon discovering the decay, a building envelope consulting engineer was hired to provide advice on how to proceed with remediation of the affected outside wall.
Based upon the engineer's recommendation, Delta immediately contained the exterior wall by erecting siding for the wet winter season (as seen in the photograph). The consultant's report revealed the decay resulted from "air leakage condensation from the interior plenum space and pool below," meaning air from inside of the building is transferring to the exterior of the building. Since the air is only blowing out of the building and not into the building, no air quality concerns were identified. Additionally, no structural issues were found and the consultant recommended that Delta address the decay during a period of dry weather.  

In response to the consultant's report, Delta proceeded with budgeting and planning the remediation work for this spring. The decay and open access to the pool chamber ceiling recently broadcast on television was footage from the initial discovery in September 2013. Again, this area has been sealed, as depicted in the photograph, and is scheduled for replacement this spring. 

"In response to concerns regarding air quality, I have requested that staff immediately retain an independent contractor to perform air quality testing and release the results to the public," said Mayor Lois E. Jackson. "Public safety is the top priority for our community 
and we want the patrons of Sungod Recreation Centre to have confidence that they can visit our facility and enjoy recreation without any health concerns."