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Delta Defers Participation in Multi-Material BC Program

Dec 09, 2013

DELTA, B.C. - Delta Council has decided to defer participation in Multi-Material BC's residential stewardship plan for packaging and printed paper until the true cost of joining the program is known and service levels to Delta residents can be assured.

There is no anticipated financial gain for Delta in the first year of the Multi-Material BC program and The Corporation of Delta is taking more time to analyze the risks and benefits to Delta residents.

"We have one of the best and longest running curbside recycling collection programs in the region," said Mayor Lois E. Jackson. "We need to take the time to fully understand and analyze the ramifications of joining Multi-Material BC's program before we decide to make a change that could impact our residents and jeopardize the recycling progress we have made so far."

One of Delta's main concerns about joining Multi-Material BC's program is the elimination of glass, plastic bags, and Styrofoam food containers from the blue box program. Glass currently accounts for 30% of all material collected in Delta's Blue Box program. To maintain the current level of service, Delta residents would have to sort these materials into a separate box at the curbside to be independently collected by Delta.

In addition, Delta is concerned about entering into a services agreement that is heavily weighted in Multi-Material BC's favour which includes a number of risks to Delta that could result in additional costs to taxpayers. Delta has chosen to maintain existing service with no change to the current curbside recycling collection program.

Delta supports Extended Producer Responsibility programs to manage products at their end-of-life and is committed to maintaining the high level of recycling service provided to Delta residents. Delta has shown leadership in recycling by providing curbside blue box collection for almost 25 years and by supporting the regional goal of diverting 70% of solid waste from the landfill by 2015.

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