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The Freedom of the Municipality award represents the highest honour that a Municipality can bestow on an individual. This recognition means to have "freedom of the municipality" and recipients therefore are welcomed at any and all civic functions and meetings (except "Closed" meetings). This honour is most often restricted to only very exceptional cases of merit for an individual who has brought recognition of the respective Municipality through his or her achievements. In cases of granting the Freedom of the Municipality honour, nominations shall be submitted by members of Council, and shall be considered at a Closed (Executive) Meeting.

The recipient of a Freedom of the Municipality Award shall receive an individually inscribed Freedom of the Municipality Medal, a framed scroll describing their achievements and a lifetime pass for the free use of all municipal recreational facilities.

The award shall be presented by the Mayor during a special reception, to which the family and friends of the recipient will be invited. The Office of the Municipal Clerk shall maintain an official record of award recipients through a "Book of Freedoms" in which the names of each award recipient, along with the date of the award, are inscribed.

Award Description

Section 158 of the Community Charter provides Council with the authority to confer the Freedom of the Municipality, by unanimous vote, on a distinguished person or a distinguished unit of the armed forces of Canada or another nation. Section 158 (2), states that a person given Freedom of the Municipality or the commander of the armed forces unit, as applicable:

(a) is deemed to be an elector of the municipality and is eligible to be registered as such and to vote in an election for mayor or councillors, and

(b) despite any other enactment, if the person is a Canadian citizen, is deemed to be qualified to be nominated, be elected and hold office on the Council.

Award Recipients

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  • Edgar Dunning
  • Arne Knudsen
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