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The Review Panel is now in the process of preparing its report to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change - this is expected to be submitted in early 2020.

A federal government public hearing for this project led by an independent review panel began on May 14, 2019 and is open to the public to observe in person or via a live web or audio cast. On May 15, 2019 Mayor Harvie presented the City’s submission at the Public Hearing. View Delta’s news release to read the key messages delivered by Mayor Harvie at the public hearing. 

View the City’s full submission. For additional information on the public hearing, view the news release from the Government of Canada.


Port of Vancouver proposes the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project (RBT2), involving the construction and operation of a new three-berth marine container terminal located next to the existing Deltaport and Westshore Terminals. The proposed expansion would provide an additional 2.4 million units of container capacity per year at Roberts Bank.

Since September 2013, RBT2 has been undergoing a federal environmental assessment by an independent review panel under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. There are more than 20 steps in a federal environmental assessment process and RBT2 is approximately two-thirds of the way through this process.

In October 2016, Delta made its formal submission to the review panel on the RBT2 Environmental Impact Statement. See Delta’s submission.

For information on the proposed Terminal 2 Project, visit Port of Vancouver's Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project webpage.

Reports and Related Documents


Roberts Bank Terminal 2
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Environmental Assessment Office Project Information Centre: Roberts Bank Terminal 2
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For any questions related to Delta's involvement, please contact:
Bernita Iversen, Manager of Corporate Policy
t: 604-946-3257

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