Annacis Island Traffic Congestion


On June 8, 2016, the BC government unveiled a multi-step plan to help alleviate congestion on the Alex Fraser Bridge and Highway 91, thereby reducing traffic back-ups on Annacis Island.  The following steps are being taken:

  • New Highway 91 and 72nd Avenue interchange to replace the existing traffic signal.  This interchange will eliminate the only remaining traffic signal on the Highway 91 corridor, a current choke-point for traffic;
  • Constructing a seventh lane on the Alex Fraser Bridge (by reducing the width of the six existing lanes and removing the shoulders) and installing a new counter-flow system on the bridge using a movable barrier;
  • New interchanges improvements at Nordel Way and Sunbury in the areas of Highway 91 and 17 to help further address congestion and move goods; and,
  • Introducing an dynamic message signs on the highway network that will provide reliable travel information for the various Fraser River crossings at key decision points where motorists can adjust their travel patterns.

In September 2017, tolls on the Port Mann Bridge were removed.  As a result, the volume of traffic on the Alex Fraser Bridge has decreased which will further alleviate back-ups on Annacis Island.

In Fall of 2017, Delta will be installing additional upright delineators on Cliveden Avenue, west of Chester Road to prevent u-turns on the overpass.


Traffic congestion on Annacis Island has steadily gotten worse over the years due to a combination of issues:

  • Commuters are bypassing traffic by taking the Annacis Island exit, causing delays, congestion, safety and road rage incidents
  • Alex Fraser Bridge no longer has room to accommodate more southbound traffic in the evening rush because it is at capacity
  • Queues at the bridge are getting longer and rush “hour” often lasts between two and three hours each day in each direction

Public Consultation

In February 2016, Delta Engineering and Delta Police representatives visited businesses on-site to discuss solutions. On Friday, February 12, 2016, Mayor Lois E. Jackson held a breakfast meeting with Annacis Island businesses and staff to address traffic congestion issues.

Reports and Related Documents


For more information, please email the Engineering Department or call 604-946-3260.

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