MK Delta Lands Group Industrial Application: 7969 Highway 91 Connector


Metro Vancouver Decision

Metro Vancouver approved the Regional Growth Strategy and Regional Context Statement amendments on October 4, 2019 and the Fraser Sewerage Area extension on November 1, 2019.

On December 16, 2019, Council extended third reading of the application bylaws to December 31, 2020 to allow additional time for the applicant to complete the third reading requirements for this complex application.

Agricultural Land Commission Decision

The applications to exclude the property at 7969 Highway 91 Connector from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and to include the property at 7007 Highway 91 (Lot B as shown on the Location Map below) into the ALR were conditionally approved by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) on September 11, 2018.  The ALC South Coast Panel conditionally approved the exclusion and inclusion applications in August 2017.  On September 11, 2018, the majority of the ALC Executive Committee upheld the South Coast Panel’s August 2017 decision.  The decisions can be viewed here.

Public Hearing

Council held a Public Hearing on July 26, 2016, in accordance with the Local Government Act, on proposed Bylaws No. 7505, 7506, and 7507, Development Permit LU007455, Agricultural Land Reserve exclusion application and Regional Growth Strategy amendment request pertaining to the MK Delta Lands Group Industrial development application at 7969 Highway 91 Connector, and Agricultural Land Reserve inclusion application at 7007 Highway 91. 

View a copy of the Public Hearing Notice
View a copy of the Public Hearing Memo, dated July 19, 2016.
View a copy of the Public Hearing Memo, dated July 25, 2016.
View the Public Hearing Information Boards.

Council Meeting Summary

On Monday, June 20, 2016, Council considered the MK Delta Lands Group Industrial development application for the property at 7969 Highway 91 Connector and request to include the property 7007 Highway 91 (Lot B) into the Agricultural Land Reserve. Council gave the Bylaws for the application first and second readings. Click here for a copy of the Council Report and the applicant's presentation.

The application has submitted an application to include Lot B, the 78.1 ha (93 ac) property at
7007 Highway 91, into the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Public Consultation Summary

A multi-Committee Meeting was held on May 26, 2016 at the Kennedy Seniors’ Centre.  The following committees of Council were in attendance:  “Invest in Delta” – Mayor’s Standing Committee, Agricultural Advisory Committee, Community Planning Advisory Committee, Environment Advisory Committee, Heritage Advisory Commission, Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission, and Transportation Technical Committee. 

View the Presentations: 

A Public Information Meeting, hosted by The Corporation of Delta, was held on May 25, 2016 at the North Delta Recreation Centre. 

MK Delta Lands Group appeared as a delegation to Council at the January 25, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council to present their application for an industrial subdivision at 7969 Highway 91 Connector. Council also received an Application Update Report on the subject property.

View MK Delta Lands Group Delegation Presentation (B.02)

View the Application Update Report for the property at 7969 Highway 91 Connector

Application Summary

Location: 7969 Highway 91 Connector (Lot 4) 
File No: LU007445

Location Map

The application involves a request to create a master-planned industrial subdivision on the property at 7969 Highway 91 Connector.  The following are components of this application:

  1. Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion
    • To exclude the entire 62.7 ha (155 ac) property at 7969 Highway 91 Connector from the Agricultural Land Reserve. 
  2. Agricultural Land Reserve Inclusion
    • To include a 78.1 ha (193 ac) property at 7007 Highway 91 (Lot B) into the Agricultural Land Reserve.
  3. Regional Growth Strategy Amendment
    • To amend the regional land use designation in the Regional Growth Strategy from Agriculture to Industrial; and
    • To amend the Urban Containment Boundary in the Regional Growth Strategy to include the subject property. 
  4. Official Community Plan Amendment
    • To change the land use designation in Schedule A of Delta’s Official Community Plan from A Agricultural to I Industrial; and
    • To amend the Regional Context Statement Map in Schedule A of Delta’s Official Community Plan by changing the land use designation from Agriculture to Industrial.
  5. Sewer Area Extension
    • To include the subject property in Delta’s Sewer Area Bylaw and in Metro Vancouver’s Fraser Sewerage Area. 
  6. Rezoning
    • To rezone the subject property from I3 Extraction Industrial to a new industrial zone that would permit the following types of uses: large distribution and logistics centres (e.g. warehouse, wholesaling, distribution and storage buildings), goods handling, equipment repair and servicing operations, light manufacturing and processing industries, transportation, communication and other utility uses, offices, trade schools, and eating and drinking establishments.
    • As part of the application, design guidelines would be prepared to address appropriate environmental buffers as well as site and building design criteria that reflect the location of the project in proximity to the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area.

  7. Development Permit for Streamside Protection and Enhancement
    • The property is located within the development permit area for Streamside Protection and Enhancement. Compliance with environmental regulations is required.
  8. Subdivision
    • To subdivide the subject property into 9 industrial lots ranging in size from 3.2 ha to 9.3 ha (7.9 ac to 22.9 ac).
The applicant is also proposing a list of community amenities that are proposed to be provided should the application be approved. Proposed amenities involve land transfer of Lots A, B and C, a total of 132.8 ha (328 ac) as shown on the location map, to The Corporation of Delta for protection from further development, and financial contributions.

Reports and Related Documents

  1. Industrial Development Proposal Summary (dated April 18, 2016)
  2. Conceptual Lot Layout
  3. Draft Technical Reports:
       a. Servicing Master Plan-Design Brief (dated May 6, 2016)
b. Traffic Impact Study (dated April 14, 2016)
c. Stormwater Management Concept (dated April 14,2016)
d. Bog Water Quality Memo (dated December 17, 2015)
e. Environmental Assessment Report (dated April 1, 2016)
f. Agricultural Capability Assessment (dated March 2016)
g. Design Guidelines (dated April 29, 2016)
h. Industrial Lands Market and Impact Study (dated November 2015)
i. Agricultural Benefit for Westham Island  – Salinity Analysis (dated March 2016)
       j. Geotechnical Investigation Report (dated April 8, 2016)
Note that these documents are in draft form and subject to change.  Final versions will be posted when available.

Contact Information

Tanya Mitchner
t: 604-952-3472
f: 604-946-4148

Joanne Barnett, MK Delta Lands Group
t: 416-733-2202

Lead Consultant:
Odete Pinho, Planning Consultant
t: 604-568-8876

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