Delview Park Improvements


With the assistance of the Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission, the City of Delta is seeking community input regarding the enhancement of elements of Delview Park. These proposed enhancements include a washroom replacement, a new community shelter, a batting facility and relocation of the off-leash enclosure. 

Washroom Replacement

Based on an assesment of the current washroom, the City of Delta has deemed it necessary to replace the current building with a new washroom. Community consultation for the Park would propose the replacement of the existing eashroom building with a building similar to the one on Ferry Road

Community Shelter

Delta is preparing to construct a community shelter to support informal social gatherings by neighbours. Currently, community shelters exist in other areas of North Delta, like North Delta Community Park and Annieville Park.

The proposed shelter would be approximately 500 square feet in size, open on all sides, and recommended to have electricity and lighting available. 

Batting/Bowling Facility

With the addition of a cricket pitch at Delview Park in May 2019, the construction of a batting/bowling facility would further support the use of athletic fields by both cricket and ball during the spring and summer seasons. 

Practice times could be arranged for cricket participants using this new facility, ensuring the athletic field is available for slo-pitch. The batting/bowling facility could also be used for batting and pitching practice for ball-diamond based sports. 

Off-Leash Relocation

The open, passive park space in the southwest quadrant of the park will be the focus of the community consultation related to the relocation of the off-leash area. To accommodate the increase in usage of Delview Park, this space will be enlarged from 10,000 square feet of the current off-leash enclosure, to 30,000 square feet with proper drainage and a source of fresh water for dogs.

Dog Park Etiquette & Safety Rules

Please use at your own risk. Delta is not responsible for injury or illness to dogs or owners. 

Off leash dog owners are required to respect the following rules and assist in maintaining the area:

  • Leash your dog while entering and exiting off-leash area.
  • Keep your dog within sight and under verbal control.
  • An adult must accompany dogs, as well as children under 12 years of age.
  • Owners are liable for injuries or damage caused by their dogs. No digging allowed. 
  • Every dog owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet.
  • No smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages, food or dog treats allowed. 
  • No strollers, carriages, bicycles or children's toys allowed.
  • Current license tags are required on all dogs.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed (view Delta Animal Control Bylaw #6893 for definition). 
  • Dogs in heat, sick or under the age of four months are not allowed.
  • No more than two dogs per person are allowed. 
  • Dogs required by law to be leashed and muzzled must remain so. 

Remember, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to control your dog. If asked by other park users to leash your pet, please comply.

Community Consultation Process

Onsite community consultation was provided in an open-house format on June 25, 2019

Residents had opportunity to provide feedback online as well. The survey is now closed. 

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