Beach Grove Golf Course Townhouses

File Number: LU008390

Public Information Meeting

The City of Delta hosted a Public Information Meeting on March 11, 2020 for residents to learn and ask questions about the proposed 22-unit townhouse development at the 5700 block of 16 Avenue (a portion of the Beach Grove Golf Course). 

The display boards from the Public Information Meeting are available below:

The comments received from the public and Delta’s comments on the application will be compiled and sent to the applicant. The applicant will work with staff to address the comments which may result in a revised proposal.


The purpose of this application is to subdivide a portion of 5847 12 Avenue and consolidate it with 5766 16 Avenue in order to construct a 22-unit townhouse development on the development site. The remainder of the property would continue to be a part of the Beach Grove Golf Course. In order to proceed, the following are required for the portion of the subject properties that would accommodate the proposed townhouse development:

  • Amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy by changing the regional land use designation from Conservation and Recreation to General Urban.
  • Amendments to the Official Community Plan as follows:
    • change the land use designation in the Regional Context Statement Map in Schedule A from Conservation and Recreation to General Urban;
    • change the land use designation in Schedule A from Private Recreational Areas (PR) to Multi-Unit Residential (MR); and
    • change the land use designation in the Tsawwassen Future Land Use Plan in Schedule D.1 from Parks and Recreation Areas (P) to Residential Ground-Oriented (RG).
  • Rezoning from Private Recreation (C5) to Townhouse Residential 40 (RT40).
  • Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area Development Permit.
  • Development Variance Permit to vary “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 7600, 2017” as follows:
    • Section 8.2.8(a) by permitting six surface parking spaces for visitors to be provided within a required front setback area;
    • Section 13.20.7 by increasing the maximum number of storeys for a principal structure from 2½ storeys to 3 storeys; and
    • Section 13.20.7 by increasing the maximum height to mid-roof or the top of a flat roof for a principal structure from 8 m to 12 m.
  • Subdivide a portion of 5847 12 Avenue and consolidate with 5766 16 Avenue to form one development site.


An application was received on June 13, 2017 to permit the subdivision of the above-noted development site into 10 new single detached lots each containing a single detached dwelling along the 16 Avenue property frontage.  A consultation process for that proposal was initiated; however, following initial public notification, the application was on hold for some time while the applicant considered revisions. In December 2019, the applicant submitted a revised proposal for the above-noted townhouse development.  The applicant will not be proceeding with the single detached subdivision proposal at this time.

Location Map


Sample Elevations

North Elevation (facing 16 Avenue)


South Elevation (facing Beach Grove Golf Course)


Contact Information

Rachael Ward, Planner
t: 604-952-3153
f: 604-946-4148

Dean Bauck, Personal Real Estate Corporation
t: 604-603-8538

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