Huff Hydro Park Reserve Master Plan


Huff Hydro Park Reserve is located at 11050 Huff Boulevard in North Delta. The linear park, bounded by housing on two sides and Cougar Canyon Ravine on the north edge, has been designated as an off leash park and is also used by many residents of the neighborhood for recreational walking or jogging.

The Huff Hydro Park Reserve Master Plan process will review the existing features of the park and understand how the park reserve would best continue to serve the community in the future.

Once completed, the Huff Hydro Park Reserve Master Plan will be a guiding document for the future of the park, including priority setting for future projects and phases. This document will include a conceptual design of the park and a sequential implementation plan.


At its January 22, 2018 Regular Meeting, Council requested staff to solicit ideas on park usage through community input sessions.  With the information gathered from the public, staff will then develop a draft Master Plan for the park.  Any future changes to the park will be contingent on funding priorities.

Community Input and Feedback

The public will be engaged through two open house sessions that will enable citizens to provide their input with respect to the current features of Huff Hydro Park Reserve and make recommendations for the future of the park.

If members of the public are not able to attend one of the open house sessions, information presented at the open house sessions will be posted to this web page on May 7 (see below)

An Input Form was made available at the open houses and on-line until May 14, 2018 at 4 p.m.

Consultation Phases

 The Master Plan process will be conducted in four phases:

1. Community Input Phase - will involve gathering information from the community regarding current park features and proposed new features to the park.




2. Master Plan Development Phase – the community input will be categorized and a Master Plan will be prepared by Delta staff.

3. Community Feedback Phase – the draft of the Master Plan will provided to the public to ensure general concurrence with the Community Input Phase.

4. Approval Phase - The Master Plan will then be presented to the Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission and Council for their support and approval.

Meeting Schedule

The community’s direct involvement in the Master Plan process will be held in early May 2018. 

Thursday, May 3  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Huff Hydro Park Reserve

Saturday, May 5 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Huff Hydro Park Reserve

Reports and Related Documents

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2018 January 22 Huff Hydro Park Reserve Master Plan
2018 January 12 Huff Hydro Park Reserve Master Plan
2017 April 12 – Huff Hydro Greenway – Park Volunteerism
2017 February 14 – Heritage Award of Merit:
2017 Heritage Award of Merit Recipients:
" Gary Manuel will receive the Award of Merit for his work in bringing the community together to undertake works, including installation of markers, along the Huff Corridor which speak to the areas’ history. The markers and other features bring the times past into the minds of users and commemorate and recognize traditions in Delta."

Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact
Todd Stewardson, Deputy Director by or call 604.946.3206
Linda Nielsen, Park Planner by or call 604.946.3375

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