Lawn Sprinkling Regulations

Stage 1 of Metro Vancouver's Water Shortage Response Plan is in effect every year from May 15 to October 15.

With Stage 1 regulations lawn sprinkling is permitted at the following times:

Residential lawn sprinkling allowed:

  • Even addresses: Monday, Wednesday or Saturday 4 - 9 am
  • Odd addresses: Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday 4 - 9 am

Delta Lawn Sprinkling Regulations

Non-residential lawn sprinkling allowed:

  • Even addresses Monday, Wednesday mornings 1 - 6 am
  • Odd addresses Tuesday, Thursday mornings 1 - 6 am 
  • All non-residential addresses Friday mornings, 4 - 9 am 

In addition to lawn sprinkling regulations, there are other water use restrictions when Stage 1 of the Water Shortage Response Plan is active. Some examples are:

  • Outdoor car washing and boat washing with a hose with spring-loaded shut off only
  • Golf course operators requested to cut water use on fairways as much as possible
  • Artificial turf and outdoor tracks hosed for health and safety only
  • Cemetery lawn operators to use non-residential sprinkling times posted above


For more details visit Metro Vancouver Lawn Sprinkling Regulations.

Water use almost doubles during the summer months for swimming pools, growing food, maintaining sports fields and other social and community building uses. Typically, this is when rainfall is at its lowest. We also use much of the water to keep our lawns green, wash our decks or driveway and other lower-priority uses. The region wide sprinkling regulations are an effective way to help us use our drinking water wisely.

As part of Metro Vancouver’s Water Shortage Response Plan, Stage 1 lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect every year across the region to maintain water pressure and help reduce peak demands on our water distribution systems. During this time, lawn sprinkling outside the designated days and times is prohibited and violations may result in fines under Delta Water Service Bylaw No. 7441, 2016.

Regulations apply to all properties including single-family and multi-family residential properties and commercial, institutional and industrial non-residential properties. A healthy lawn only needs one hour of water a week including rain.

Sprinkling Exemption Permits

If you plant a new lawn during the lawn sprinkling regulations and require additional watering, you can apply for a temporary sprinkling exemption permit from the Delta Municipal Hall and the North Delta Recreation Centre. Permits are valid for 21 days and allow lawn sprinkling seven days a week between 4 am and 9 am. The current rate for a sprinkling exemption permit is $56 including taxes.

Nematode Treatment for European Chafer Beetle Control

Sprinkling exemption permits are available for the application of nematodes to control the European chafer beetle. Nematodes are most effective when applied between late July and mid-August and require lawns to be thoroughly watered before and after application. Above permit conditions apply. Proof of nematode application is required (receipt for nematode purchase or notification from company providing nematode treatment service).

Report a Sprinkling Violation

Contact Delta’s Property Use and Compliance Division at 604-946-3340 to report a sprinkling violation.

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