Become a Waterwise Gardener

WaterWise Gardening in DeltaWaterwise gardening is a good way to reduce the amount of water we use, especially during the hot and dry summers. The right plant in the right place is a gardening rule of thumb, and waterwise gardening puts this fundamental to work. By getting to know your yard and planting drought-tolerant plants in sunny locations and moisture-loving plants in shadier places, you are maximizing the efficiency by watering only the thirsty plants while also adding variety and beauty to your garden.

How to Create a Waterwise Garden

Get to know your garden. First, test the soil. Then, map out the sunny and shady spots, the moist and dry spots, and the low lying and sloping spots. Using this information, choose the plants you want and decide where they should go. Grouping plants by their water, sun and soil requirements will make maintenance easier, reduce watering chores, and give you a healthier, better looking garden.

How to Choose Waterwise Plants

View a list of Waterwise Plants (303 KB) available for the type of garden environment you have. Metro Vancouver also offers two publications, Waterwise Gardening Brochure and Natural Yard Care, with plenty of information on waterwise gardening and yard care.

Gardening Workshops and Information

Every summer, Delta hosts a series of free Sustainable Gardening Workshops demonstrating sustainable gardening practices. Registration is required.

The Corporation of Delta offers the following waterwise gardening tools to residents:

Questions? We're here to help! Contact us by email or by phone at 604-946-3260.
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