Street Lights

There are approximately 8236 streetlights in the City of Delta - 5549 city-owned street lights on metal poles and 2687 BC Hydro lease lights on wooden poles. Requirements and guidelines for street lighting levels and locations are set in Schedule A of the Subdivision and Development Standards Bylaw No. 7162.

Report a Street Light Problem

If you have concerns regarding a street light, report it using Talk to Delta or call the Engineering Department at 604-946-3260. Please include the following information with your submission:

  • the type of pole – wood or metal
  • the street light's location – address, intersection
  • Details of the concern - not working, too bright, etc.

Note, Damage to wooden poles should be reported directly to BC Hyrdo.

Delta uses flat lens fixtures to reduce the amount of light pollution and focus the light where it needs to be on the road. We do not install shields on street lights, but can retrofit older drop style lenses with the newer flat type. On LED lights, we can install an internal baffle that will help reduce light pollution.

New Street Lights

Typically, new street lights are installed when new development occurs and based on the following road classification:

  • Arterial/Collector roads and industrial streets – on both sides of the street, with opposite or staggered spacing
  • Local residential streets – one side of the street and over sidewalks where applicable
  • Rural roads – at all intersections.
  • Streetlights are not installed in back lanes
  • Limited funds are available to install new street lights in existing walkways

If there’s a location that you think needs more lighting, please contact the Engineering Department at 604-946-3260.

Moving a Street Light

Street light poles must be located within 1 metre of property corners and should not conflict with driveways or other services. Property owners are responsible for the costs associated with relocating a street light.

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