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If you are operating a business within the Municipality, you require a Delta business licence, per the Delta Business Licence Bylaw No. 7670, 2017You can renew your business licence through our Delta Online services portal.

There are two categories:

  • Resident businesses operate from a location within Delta and may require inspection of the premises to ensure compliance with building, plumbing, fire, health, environmental control and zoning regulations. Our Business Licence staff will coordinate the required inspections once a completed application and payment has been received. The approval process usually takes a minimum of 15 business days.
  • Non-resident businesses have their offices located outside of Delta but carry on business within this Municipality. Inspection of the business location is not required and the licence can usually be approved within three to five business days. (see Inter-Municipal Business Licence below and Home-based Businesses)

Inter-Municipal Business Licence

Trades contractors and professionals related to the construction industry can apply for an Inter-Municipal Business Licence (IMBL). The IMBL allows you to work in all six municipalities (Delta, Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver) participating in the two-year pilot project.

The cost of the IMBL is $250, and is in addition to your existing Delta business licence. The IMBL is valid for one year.

Failure to Obtain a Business Licence

Delta proactively enforces the business licence requirement. The fine for operating a business without a licence starts at $500 and each day constitutes a separate offence.

Transfer of Business Licences

Business Licences are neither transferable nor refundable. If you are purchasing a business, you must apply for a new Business Licence.

If your business is moving within Delta, you must re-apply for the new location. 

Approvals Required

Depending on the type of business that you intend to operate, the following review and/or inspections may be required prior to issuance of the licence:

  • Property Use, Building and Plumbing review for compliance with Building, Zoning, Land Use Contract, and Development Permit regulations, and any outstanding orders against the property.
  • Fire Department review of fire safety requirements and any outstanding orders against the property. 
  • Provincial Medical Health Officer review is required if the business involves the preparation, distribution, and selling of foods (e.g. restaurants, grocery stores) other than pre-packaged or pre-bottled food stuffs. Approval is also required for day care and community care facilities as well as for personal services, e.g. beauty salon.
  • Provincial Motor Carrier Licencing approval is required prior to application for business licence for taxi companies and limousine services. 
  • An Environmental Department review is required by an environmental control officer and may require Provincial Waste Management review or GVRD Pollution Control Permit if liquid, solid or airbourne wastes are produced. 

Planning to Start a Food Cart In Delta?

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  • Business Licence Application Requirements for Mobile Food Vendors


All approvals for Business Licences are done at City Hall. Complete a Business Licence Application Form (154 KB) and submit it with the applicable application fee (see Schedule A of Delta Business Licence Bylaw No. 7670, 2017). An additional $250 is required if applying for the Inter-municipal Business Licence.

You may submit:

  • Online by using the Provincial/Federal OneStop Business Registration Program (OneStop)
  • In person at the Municipal Hall or North Delta Recreation Centre Monday-Friday from 8:30 am until 4:45 pm (until 8 pm Thursdays)
  • By mail:
    Delta Business Licencing
    Property Use & Compliance Division
    4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
    Delta, BC V4K 3E2
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