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Delta Cemetery Services

Delta has two municipal cemeteries: North Delta Cemetery and Boundary Bay Cemetery in Tsawwassen. Both cemeteries are managed by Delta staff and on-site interments are coordinated through the Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture department. Services at both cemeteries are currently limited to in-ground only (full burial and cremation) at time of need. However, an expanded range of options will be available in late 2018 as part of Delta’s cemetery infrastructure upgrades project, and will include columbaria niches, memorial wall niches, and scatter gardens.

Call 604-946-3293 for assistance regarding Delta’s cemetery services. To ensure your needs will be met, please give Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture two working days notice to prepare for the interment.

View Delta Cemetery Regulation Bylaw for more information regarding rates and marker sizes. 

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  • Boundary Bay Cemetery
  • North Delta Cemetery

Burial Lot Types

Two types of lots are available:

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  • Full burial lots
  • Cremation lots

Marker Permits

A marker may be placed at the interment location and will require a marker permit that is issued at the time of, or following an interment.

Planned Upgrades & Improvements

In August 2017, following a public consultation process, Delta Council approved the implementation of a service expansion strategy for both the North Delta and Boundary Bay cemeteries intended to: 

  • Provide increased capacity of existing interment services
    • In-ground burial lots and cremation lots
  • Provide additional interment services
    • Columbaria and memorial wall niches, and scattering gardens
  • Enhance the visual appearance of the cemetery grounds 

Work is underway for this project, which is expected to complete in late 2018. For more information on these upgrades, view the July 11, 2017 report approved by Council.


For information on interment services options, please call Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture administration at 604-946-3293.

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