Dog Adoption Application

Your Contact Information

I would like to be made aware by email of upcoming fundraisers or shelter events:*

Animal Information

(i.e. reading; research; length of time spent looking for a dog, etc)


Have all family members been introduced to the dog you wish to adopt?

Are any family members allergic to dogs?

NOTE: Not all dogs are suitable for homes with children. If a dog has an unknown history with children the dog may not be placed with children under the age of 13.

Do your children have experience with dogs similar to the one you are interested in?*

Other Animals

Do you have other pets?*

Are they spayed/neutered?

Are their vaccinations up to date?

Have your other animals ever been socialized to a dog similar to the one you are interested in?

NOTE: If you have other animals in your home we strongly suggest your animals be current on vaccinations and that you consult with your veterinarian to ensure it is safe to bring another animal into your home (for both your new dog and your current pets).

Please list the current pets in your household






Do you have a veterinarian?

Can we contact them regarding the care of your pets?

Owning a Pet

For what reason are you wanting to adopt a dog?*

NOTE: DCAS staff are very knowledgeable about each dog's personality and lifestyle needs. We will let you know if a dog meets your particular "reason". Not all dogs will meet your lifestyle and if there is not a match we may decline your application for the specific dog. (A decline of your application is not a reflection of your ability to care for the dog).
Do you have experience with this dog's breed?

Where will your dog live?*

NOTE: DCAS encourages all adopters to welcome their new dog into their home. Dogs are social creatures and being isolated from the family, or caregiver, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. This stress can cause a dog to "act out" by barking, having destructive behaviour such as digging, and escaping from the yard. Barking and dogs running loose are against the local by-law and can be an expensive problem.
Will you consider keeping your dog as an inside/family dog?

Living Space

Do you own or rent your home?

NOTE: Hundreds of animals each year are surrendered to the shelter because a landlord or strata did not authorize pets in their unit. To prevent animals being returned for this reason we will only adopt to renters who have approval from their landlord and owners who have approval from their strata.
What type of housing do you reside in?

Do you have a fence?*

NOTE: Please be advised that a visit from a DCAS staff member may be required prior to approving your application. This is to assist you in ensuring your home is ready for your new dog.
Would you be willing to allow a DCAS staff member attend your home by appointment?*


Please select any of the following activities you plan to participate in with your dog:

What behavior problems have you had experience with (in another dog you have owned)?

NOTE: Please be aware that DCAS staff will inform you of a dog's behaviour while s/he has been in the shelter however, behaviour or personality of any dog can change when they are removed from the shelter environment. Once in his/her new home they can develop different personality or behaviour traits. Because of this we are not able to guarantee the future behaviour of any animal we adopt to the public. We encourage all adopters to seek a behavioural consult from a certified trainer once the dog is in your home.
Under what circumstances would you try to rehome this dog?

Are you aware of the existing bylaws that pertain to animals in your community?*

Have you made arrangements to spend a few days with this animal as it becomes accustomed to its new environment?*

Please provide two personal references (other than a family member or person you live with):
Would you like DCAS to register you on your behalf for a 6-week complimentary pet insurance if your adoption application is successful? NOTE: This will involve releasing your name, address, phone number and/or e-mail address if available.


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