How to Adopt

Help our Animals Find their Forever Homes! 

Animals in shelter are either stray, waiting for their owners to claim them, or are available for adoption and waiting for a new permanent home! Some of these animals require extra special care while in shelter and efforts are made to try and find immediate placement for each animal, including temporary foster care.

Delta Animal Shelter Adoptions

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Prior to going to their new home, all animals under the care of DCAS are provided with the following services at the time of adoption:

  • All dogs, cats and rabbits are spayed or neutered
  • Provided with permanent identification
  • Vaccinated and flea & worm treated
  • Veterinarians in our community have generously provided a voucher for a free veterinary examination for every adopted animal from the Delta Community Animal Shelter. Due to the large number of animals admitted to the shelter that require medical care, only those requiring spay or neuter or urgent veterinary care will be examined by a veterinarian.

The costs of these procedures are included in your adoption fee, saving you the significant initial expense associated to owning a new pet.

Adoption Application Forms

Many factors go into finding a suitable pet for your home. These application forms give the DCAS staff an opportunity to ensure you are matched appropriately with an animal that will make you happy for a lifetime. Not only is it important for you to feel like you have found the "right pet" but it is also important for the animals - to ensure they have found a "forever home".

We take pride in matching potential adopters with an animal that would correspond to their lifestyle and needs.  

Adoption Prices

Delta Community Animal Shelter adoption prices are structured to be in-line with other shelters in the lower mainland.

  • $205 - Adult Dog
  • $250 - Puppy (up to 1 year)
  • $120 - Senior Dog (varies according to size)
  • $145 - Adult Cat (1yr-8 yrs)
  • $180 - Kitten (up to 1 year)
  • $105 - Senior Cat
  • $20 - Feral Cat/Kitten (not able to be handled)
  • $50 - Chinchilla/Degu
  • $50 - Rabbit
  • $15 - Hamster, Guinea Pig, Gerbil
  • $15 - Bird (or market value for exotic birds)

NOTE: To encourage adoption of the more difficult to place animals, special pricing is available for animals that require lifelong medication or veterinary care and for adult animals that require adoption with another animal (bonded).

Visit us today! Adoption Viewing Hours:

Mon-Fri:  12:00pm - 5:00pm
Sat-Sun:  12:00pm - 4:00pm
Closed on statutory holidays

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