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To promote a healthy, smoke-free society, smoking is prohibited in all of Delta's parks and open spaces. Learn more.


This listing is provided to assist with locating parks within Delta, as well as to provide details of the amenities to be found at each location. Explore the beautiful outdoors!

Watershed Park

Located at 11600 Kittson Parkway, North Delta, this park features: 

  • Access to artesian water drinking tap near the Scout Camp
  • Parking at Kittson Parkway
  • Picnic area
  • Meadow look-out
  • Gravel trails through forested area: Black and White Trail Map (1.25MB)
  • Viewpoint


Watershed Park is Delta’s largest park, with eleven kilometers of gravel trails for cycling, walking, jogging and horseback riding.


Watershed-ParkPack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in The Meadow, located in the heart of the park; it offers a prominent look-out area to enjoy the breathtaking views of Mud Bay.


Book a pavilion for day-use by the public and overnight camping by Girl Guides and Scouts Canada. Call 604-946-3308. A reservation fee applies.

Watershed Park Fish Release

This annual community event is held each April in the old pumphouse area of the park.  Interpretive signage guides visitors through the life stages of a salmon and describes the critical importance of salmon habitat for long-term sustainability.

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