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Take a look at our video explaining how your assessment relates to how much you pay in property taxes:


The Taxation Office is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes and utility charges for water, sewer and solid waste.

If you have moved, please submit your change of address to BC Assessment online.


Use MyCity to look up information for all of your Delta accounts: property tax information, business licences, dog licences and building permit applications. It's easy to use and all of the information is protected by your private access code. Register now!

Property Taxes

Property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of your property, which is provided by British Columbia Assessment.

Included on the Property Tax Notice are Delta municipal levies and levies from the following taxing authorities: Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink), BC Assessment (BCA), Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) and the School Tax Administration. Delta Council only has control over the rate setting of municipal taxes. Delta Council does not control the rates for taxing authorities, but acts as the collector on behalf of those authorities.

Tax Rate Schedule

View Delta's 2019 Property Tax Rate Schedule

Don't forget to claim your Home Owner Grant (HOG) if you are eligible. Save time and complete the eHog online. If you are claiming the Home Owner Grant, you must complete the application either online through eHog or by submitting the Home Owner Grant application located on the bottom of your property tax notice on or before the property tax due date to avoid a penalty on the grant amount. The Home Owner Grant must be claimed each year in which you are eligible for the grant.

Learn about the Property Tax Deferment Program.

Flat Rate and Metered Utilities

The water, sewer and solid waste rates are reviewed and amended by Council each year as required.

The flat rate and metered utility user rates are based on the costs of providing the specific utility. Major costs include the purchase of services from Metro Vancouver, debt repayment charges on money borrowed to construct the utility systems, contractual costs for garbage and recycling programs, contribution to capital for water and sewer distribution system improvements, and operating costs to maintain the systems. These costs are funded through user fees.

Utility Rate Bylaws:

Property Tax and Utility Payment Dates

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Permissive Tax Exemption

The permissive tax exemption guidelines are intended to:

  • Provide consistent and equal treatment and consideration for all applicants.
  • Optimize the provision of charitable and not for profit services for the benefit of Delta residents.
  • Allow for consideration of a wide diversity of organizations and evaluation of each application on its own merits.

To receive consideration for a permissive tax exemption, properties must qualify for an exemption under the provisions of the Community Charter. Should a property be eligible for an exemption, the application for a permissive tax exemption will be evaluated according to these guidelines.

Council may, at its discretion, reject any or all applicants in any given year.

Tax Sale

The annual tax sale is held in the form of a public auction on the last Monday in September. It is a collection tool that enables municipalities to recover outstanding property taxes. Properties with three years of outstanding taxes are auctioned to the highest bidder. Property owners have a one-year time period following the sale, in which the property can be redeemed. During that period, the property may be redeemed by paying the outstanding charges and interest.

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