Official Community Plan

Delta Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) outlines Delta's long-term vision for growth and development in the future and reflects the values of the people of Delta.

View/Download a copy of Delta's Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950.

For more information or questions relating to Delta's Official Community Plan, please email the Community Planning and Development department or call 604-946-3380.

Official Community Plan Amendments

The purpose of the Official Community Plan Amendment process is to review proposed amendments to policies and/or land use designations in the OCP. This is undertaken when a proposed land use or form of development is not consistent with existing policies in the OCP, or when amendments are initiated by Council or staff in order to address emerging issues.

Application Process

The following information must accompany your application for an OCP Amendment (with no rezoning):

  • Completed Land Use Application Form and Application fee (please contact the Community Planning and Development department at 604-946-3380 for current application fees)
  • Written consent from the property owner authorizing an agent as well as indicating type(s) of application(s)
  • Acknowledgment and Consent Form (88KB) from owner of the drawings
  • A written brief outlining the purpose of the proposal including a description of the property, an outline of the existing and proposed uses, the reasons for the request and any benefits to the community

Process Overview

  • Application received at the Application Centre and reviewed for completeness. A non-refundable fee and a Public Hearing fee are collected.
  • The file is assigned to a Planner who reviews the application for compliance with the Development Applications Procedure Bylaw.
  • A "New Applications" report is prepared for Council, providing a brief summary of the proposed amendment and outlining the proposed public consultation strategy.
  • The application is circulated to other key departments and external agencies for review, and policy issues are reviewed with senior staff.
  • An OCP amendment application will be referred to the Community Planning Advisory Committee for comment. Where an OCP amendment may have environmental implications, the OCP amendment may be referred to the Environmental Advisory Committee for comment.
  • Upon completing the staff review, staff prepare a report and an OCP amendment bylaw for Council consideration.
  • Council considers the staff report and the bylaw and either rejects the bylaw, suggests modifications, or gives the bylaw first and second reading and refer the proposed amendment to a Public Hearing.
  • The Public Hearing is advertised in two consecutive editions of a local newspaper, and for property-specific amendments, surrounding residents and businesses are notified by mail.
  • A Public Hearing is held to receive public commentary on the bylaw.
  • Immediately following the Public Hearing, Council is convened and considers the application to determine if third reading will be given, deny the application or refer the matter to staff for further information. 
  • After third reading of the bylaw, a letter is sent to the applicant setting out all requirements to be completed prior to Council granting final adoption to the bylaw.
  • If the majority of Council are satisfied that the proposal creates a net benefit to the community, and that all requirements and conditions have been met, Council may vote to give the proposal final approval.
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