Geotechnical Requirements

Steep Slope

To protect against slope instability for new development, Delta has striven to accomplish a comprehensive policy for development in steep slope areas of Delta. It applies to all development in areas of Delta on or near steep slope such as the many ravines or bluffs common in North Delta and Tsawwassen.

A combination of detailed geotechnical engineering reports, attention to the preservation of existing vegetation, specific slope instability performance measures, a variety of measures to share knowledge about the slopes, encouraging accountability and supplementary geotechnical peer reviews are presented to guide the development community.

Please see the following information:


Due to low-lying and peaty soil conditions, many areas of Delta require the land to be filled and preloaded before it can be developed. This raises the level to floodproofing requirements and provides a stable base on which construction can be undertaken. A soil deposit permit is typically required for the placement of soil, sand, gravel, etc.

For more information, see Delta's Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw (No.7221, 2014).

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