Fish & Frogs


Delta’s diverse aquatic habitats and environment are home to a variety of fish and amphibian species. A comprehensive habitat study reviewing fish and amphibian species within Delta was completed in 2003.


Chum and Coho salmon, and trout can be found in the Cougar Creek, Watershed/Shaw Creek Watersheds and McAdams Ravine year round. These upland watercourses are used for spawning and rearing. During winter months rearing salmon fry may be found in Chilukthan Slough and Monastery Canal. 

Many fish species can also be found in lowland watercourse and roadside ditches. Find out Who's in Your Ditch.


A variety of amphibians make Delta their home, whether in upland wooded areas or lowland agricultural ditches. Species found in Delta include northwestern salamander, long-toed salamander, western red-backed salamander, western toad, pacific tree frog, green frog, red-legged frog, bullfrog, Oregon spotted frog and rough-skinned newt.

Amphibian species are declining worldwide. Scientists think that the frogs’ declines are not caused by any one thing, but a complex mix of many things, including habitat loss, pollution, ozone layer depletion (increased UV), and disease. All of these factors have to do with human activities. Learn more about frogs and what you can do to help at BC Frog Watch Program.

Watercourse Classification System

Delta’s watercourse classification system indicates fish and amphibian presence and provides timing windows for when work can be completed in the watercourse. View the Delta Timing Schedules for an in-stream works map.

Most of Delta’s watercourses and lowland ditches are Schedule C–Standard Fish & Amphibian systems (channels within the yellow shaded area that are not red/orange highlighted). Systems with salmonids (trout & salmon) are coded red on the map, such as Cougar Creek and Watershed Creek.

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