Delta's Urban Reforestation Project: increasing trees via new plantings throughout our urban communities  

The Urban Reforestation Project is an active tree planting initiative launched by the City in 2015 to increase Delta’s tree canopy coverage at a variety of park, school and roadway sites. As part of this project, over 4,400 new trees will be planted in the urban communities of Delta by the end of 2019.

The Urban Reforestation Project is fully funded by cash provided in lieu of replacement trees for trees cut under the Delta Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw No 7415, 2015.

To support the natural ecosystem, at least 67% of the trees planted under the Urban Reforestation Project will be native species with lifespans from 50 to 100 years.


For any questions related to this project, please contact:

Linda Nielsen, Parks Planner
t: 604-946-3375
e: lnielsen@delta.ca


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