Increasing trees via new plantings throughout Delta’s urban communities  


The Urban Reforestation Project is an initiative launched in 2015 to increase Delta’s tree canopy in appropriate locations, at a variety of park, school and roadway sites. Since the Urban Reforestation Project began, over 3,183 trees have been planted in the urban communities of Delta.

The Urban Reforestation Project is fully funded by cash in lieu of replacement trees, for trees cut under the Delta Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw No 7415, 2015.

To support the natural ecosystem, at least 67% of the trees planted under the Urban Reforestation Project will be native species with lifespans from 50 to 100 years.

Benefits of Urban Trees

Trees in urban areas offer many benefits to society, particularly from an environmental perspective. The impact of trees on air quality and health is well known – trees absorb many polluting gases and remove particulates from the airshed. On average, a single tree can remove 10 pounds of pollutants per year. Trees also combat the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing it as cellulose; an urban forest can result in carbon sequestration rates of 210–1,230 kilograms of carbon per hectare per year. Trees also produce a large amount of oxygen. In fact, two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for one person every year.

Urban trees also offer a variety of other societal benefits, including reducing noise pollution, UV-B exposure, and energy use of nearby buildings. Trees reduce the amount of pollution entering creeks and irrigation ditches through storm water and mitigate erosion due to storm water runoff. For every 1,000 trees, nearly one million gallons of storm water runoff is prevented. Trees also provide an important source of food and habitat for a range of wildlife, birds, and pollinators in the community.

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For any questions related to this project, please contact:

Linda Nielsen, Parks Planner
t: 604-946-3375
e: lnielsen@delta.ca


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