Trees on Development Sites

Important Information to note

If you are developing a property (e.g. building permit, development permit, rezoning or subdivision) then tree protection will be considered as part of your development application. If your development application is approved, a tree cutting permit will be issued concurrent with other permits. As it relates to trees on development sites, please note the following:

  • Trees should not be cut in advance of submitting your development application
  • Trees 20 centimetres (8.0 inches) in diameter or greater should not be cut without a tree cutting permit
  • Tree protection is a condition of most development approvals and is the responsibility of the owner/developer
  • Trees to be protected, including trees on adjacent streets and properties, must be identified on all plans and submitted for permits
  • Efforts should be made to retain as many trees as possible on the property. In most cases, a report about trees on the property, prepared by a certified arborist, is required
  • Where trees are approved to be cut, the minimum replacement ratio is two new trees for each tree cut, but may be greater depending on the arborist's recommendations
  • Retained trees are to be protected by fencing, that meets Delta's standards, prior to any building, demolition, servicing works or construction
  • Demolition and building permits will be issued only after a successful inspection of tree protection measures
  • If trees have been damaged during the development process, or cut without a permit, or any other contravention of a development approval occurs, possible implications include stop work orders, delays in construction, replacement tree requirements, and fines
  • In cases where new tree planting is required, security will be taken at the time of permit issuance
  • Tree protection barriers are not to be removed until the Building Inspector gives approval to do so
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