Heritage Week 2020

Heritage Week 2020 takes place from February 17 to 23. City of Delta has a ton of fun activities planned for Heritage Week 2020! Keep checking back for updates and activity details. 


Mon, Feb 17 Pop-Up Museums Delta Road Trip Bingo   
Tues, Feb 18 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo
Wed, Feb 19 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo From Dogfights to Dog Walks
10:30am - 12pm
Thurs, Feb 20 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo

Sketchin’ the Collection
4:30 - 7:30pm @TAC 

Fri, Feb 21 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo


Sat, Feb 22 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo
Sun, Feb 23 Pop-Up Museums
Delta Road Trip Bingo

From Dogfights to Dog Walks
10:30am - 12pm 


Pop-Up Museums

Can you help tell the story of Delta? We’re looking for significant items to showcase in our pop-up museums at Sungod Recreation Centre and South Delta Recreation Centre! From scarves to diplomas to small family heirlooms; anything that you feel connects you to Delta will be considered. If you have an item you’d like to be displayed for Heritage Week (February 17-23), send a picture and brief description of the item to prc@delta.ca. The deadline to submit your items is Friday, February 7.

*Items will be provided on a temporary loan basis. All items will be returned to their original owner upon the completion of the pop-up museum.
*Please note, while all items will be considered, we can only display a small number of them. Displays will be chosen based on theme, size and space.

Delta Road Trip Bingo

Starting Monday, February 17 (Family Day) residents can pick up a free Delta Road Trip Bingo sheet from the North Delta Center for the Arts, Tsawwassen Arts Centre, Delta Archives, Ladner Leisure Centre, South Delta Recreation Centre, or Sungod Recreation Centre. A printable copy of the bingo sheet can also be downloaded here!

The bingo sheets include historic, important and famous buildings from all across Delta. Participants can work all week on spotting the buildings during their usual activities or they can make a day of it and explore the history of Delta all at once. Completed bingo sheets can be returned at any of the pick up locations for a small prize!

*Prizes available while quantities last.

From Dogfights to Dog Walks

Free drop-in activity!

Fun Fact! When aircrafts battle at close range, it is called a dogfight. Did you know that aerial battles between planes have been happening since 1913?

While North 40 Park Reserve is an off-leash dog park today, it was once home to dogfighter pilots. Join us on a walk around the park and explore the history of Delta’s former Canadian Armed Forces station from WWII through to today. Make sure to bring your own reusable mug for a hot beverage to enjoy on the walk! For more information about this activity, call 604.952.3838.

Tour One: Meet at the North 40 Park Reserve on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 10:30am-12pm                   

Tour Two: Meet at the North 40 Park Reserve on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 10:30am-12pm

*This is an active, off-leash dog park and there is a high probability that off-leash dogs will be in the park during the walk.     

Sketchin’ the Collection

Free drop-in activity!

Have you ever wondered what gets stored behind closed doors at the museum? Now is your chance to take a look at a few of the artifacts we have in the education collection. Be sure to bring your pencils, sketchbooks and curiosity to this drop-in sketching program and take home a few drawings of antique treasures.

Call 604.952.3838 for more information

Tsawwassen Arts Centre on Thursday, February 20 from 4:30-7:30pm

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