Nesbitt House

The City of Delta and The Province of British Columbia worked together to relocate the historic Nesbitt House from North Delta to Ladner Harbour Park, where the house will be restored and used as a caretaker’s residence.

Heritage Value

The “Nesbitt Residence” is valuable as a portrayal of Delta’s early fishing industry on the Fraser River and is recognized on Delta’s Heritage Register and the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The house was originally located at 10455 River Road. Built by the Glenrose Cannery in 1939 for their bookkeeper, Richard Nesbitt, the house - which sat outside the main cannery complex - remained the property of the cannery until 1946, when Johnston Fishing and Packing, the successor of Glenrose, subdivided the land and sold it to Mr. Nesbitt and his wife, Phyllis. The modest bungalow is also significant as an example of vernacular residential architecture constructed during the inter-war era, a transitional period between the popularity of the period revival styles of the 1920s and the emerging modernism of the 1930s.

Restoration Project

mayor-jackson-nesbittThe property containing the Nesbitt Residence was acquired by the Province during the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. While the house could not be retained on its original site due to conflicts with the new highway, the Province committed to saving it. The Nesbitt Residence was relocated to 10651 River Road in 2013 where it was placed on a temporary foundation pending restoration works. The Province had intended to sell the property for use as a private residence following restoration of the house at that location. When the Province became aware that Delta was looking to replace the aging caretaker’s residence in Ladner Harbour Park they offered the Nesbitt House to Delta at no cost. The Province paid to transport the house to Ladner Harbour Park and will undertake the restoration works at the new location. 

While the Nesbitt Residence is strongly affiliated with North Delta, its new location at Ladner Harbour Park respects its historical ties to the Fraser River and to Delta’s fishing industry. Having the building in public ownership allows Delta to ensure that standards of maintenance are applied and that the building does not fall into disrepair which has been a concern with some heritage buildings. The Nesbitt Residence will remain on the Heritage Register.

Delta is currently investigating options for interpretive signage which would explain the history and value of this building to the community.