Heritage Conservation Grants

In addition to providing a tangible link to the past of this community, Delta’s heritage resources are a valuable part of community pride, identity, the local economy, and tourist potential.  In order to support the owners of Delta’s heritage buildings to undertake repairs and restoration, the City has developed a new heritage conservation grants program.

Financial assistance from the Heritage Conservation Fund is for a maximum of 50% of the capital costs of the works and the maximum financial assistance for any property in a single year is $15,000.  It is anticipated that approximately seven or more grants per year would be available.  Owners may apply for additional funding support for separate projects in subsequent years.  Applications for grants, as well as a guide to the process, can be found at Heritage Conservation Grant Application Form and Heritage Conservation Grant Application Guide.

In order to be considered for a heritage conservation grant, the owner must agree to place the building on Delta’s Heritage Register.  Most of Delta’s heritage buildings are already on the heritage inventories but only some of them are also on Delta’s Heritage Register.  Being on the Register provides Provincial and, possibly, Federal recognition.  It does not impose any additional requirements on an owner but does allow for special consideration under the BC Building Code should a building permit application be submitted.  Delta staff would prepare the paperwork for inclusion on the Register.

Grant applications will be evaluated by the Delta Heritage Advisory Commission based on the extent to which the proposed work reinforces the building’s heritage character and the integrity of the building as a heritage structure.  Applications given favourable consideration will be forwarded to Council, where a 2/3 vote of support will result in approval of the grant.  The funds would be released upon execution of a restrictive covenant to protect the building for 10 years and completion of the proposed work. 

The Heritage Conservation Grant Administration Policy Heritage Conservation Fund Administration Policy was adopted as part of the Heritage Action Plan, in order to implement a key recommendation of the updated Delta Heritage Strategy.