Protection & Restoration

Burns-Bog-Protection-RestorationOn March 24, 2004, a binding purchase agreement was reached that protects 2,042 hectares of Burns Bog as an Ecological Conservancy Area (ECA). This historic acquisition of a globally unique ecosystem was spearheaded by the people of Delta, and supported by an unprecedented collaboration between four levels of government.

On December 16, 2013, Council approved a number of actions that are required to add over 405 hectares (1,000 acres) to the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area. These actions include applications to the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission for subdivision and statutory rights-of-way for utilities and public access, along with a request for authorization to register conservation covenants on those portions of the lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Amendments to the Official Community Plan, Delta’s Zoning Bylaw and the registration of the conservation covenants are proposed to reflect Council’s desire for the long-term protection of the lands within, or proposed to be added, to the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area.

The links below tell the story of how Delta and Mayor Lois E. Jackson persevered to conserve Burns Bog, and informs about what we are doing now to further protect and restore this unique land.

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