There are many unique and beautiful insects in Burns Bog. In 1999, scientists found over 400 species of insects in the bog during a short study. From that number, they estimated that there are actually about 4,000 different insect species in Burns Bog. That’s a lot of bugs.

The insects we see most often in Burns Bog are pretty common: flies, bees, wasps, ants and spiders. However, there are also some bugs that you don’t often see outside of the bog: rare butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies, and unique insects that like to live in bog waters. 

Did You Know?

One special type of spider spins a web that looks like a funnel, which makes other insects fall down into the centre where the spider is waiting–like free pizza delivery!  Another bug, called the water boatman, has legs that look like boat oars, which it uses to glide across the water’s surface. Even though bugs are kind of creepy, you have to admit they can be pretty cool too.