Burns Bog Classroom Program

Delta has developed a resource package for Grade 7 teachers to help you bring Burns Bog to life for your students.

The Burns Bog Classroom Program is a 140-page teacher’s resource manual, which was written by a local teacher to fit the B.C. school curriculum and your busy schedule.

Burns Bog Classroom Program includes:

  •  A letter from Mayor Lois E. Jackson
  • 14 detailed lesson plans about Burns Bog, including:
    • Background information for teachers
    • Step-by-step classroom activities
    • Field trips in the Delta Nature Reserve

Topics covered:

  • Habitats and wildlife
  • History and land use
  • Unique qualities of a bog
  • Climate change
  • Hands-on science experiments

In 2012, every Grade 7 class in Delta received a free copy of the Burns Bog Classroom Program. If you aren't in Delta, teach a different grade or did not receive one, download a free PDF version:

Burns Bog Classroom Program package

Letter from Mayor Lois E. Jackson